EARTHinBLOCKS® provides training in the operation and maintenance of our machine and—most importantly—soil. We offer trainings near our home base in the Washington DC area. We can also arrange to come to your location or subcontract an earth builder nearby.

We have written a comprehensive manual on “understanding soil”, since that was our biggest challenge when we began to advocate for earth block construction. We have synthesized those findings into training materials that are visual –flip charts, games and videos so that language is not a barrier.

We also provide advice, expertise and architectural plans for homes or other structures.  We work closely with a string of earth builders who are ready to assist newcomers to the field through Skype or in person.

From time to time we offer bigger demonstration workshops, funded through charitable donations, to build structures in underserved areas. We worked with Lakota trainees in this way. They are now positioned to build earth block houses themselves.

For those who wish to learn to build for themselves, we recommend the Southwest Solar Adobe School, run by Joe Tibbits. He offers a range of courses on earth building, which are comprehensive and extremely helpful. If you wish to contract out to earth builders using our machine, we are happy to provide a list of builders with solid reputations.

Our mission is to help people succeed, and we are willing to go the extra mile to assure that outcome.


Building Communities One Block at a Time

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