This is the second demonstration structure built by the Lakota trainees. This 900 sq. ft. 3 bedroom house uses radiant heat in the floor and is powered with solar energy. It is designed in such a way that additional rooms can be added in the future. It is now the happy home of a family with 3 children.

Thank You from Our Family

The Shields Family at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for their new CEB home with Henry Red Cloud (left).

We, the Shields Family, would like to say a big thank you to all the helping hands who built such a wonderful, blessed house for our children. We are all so very thankful and blessed to call this a home of our own. Before moving into our CEB home, we didn’t have a working shower in the trailer we were renting. The children would sometimes go a few days without showering. Since there was no running water, we had to use a garden hose and fix it up to the kitchen sink and use it to flush the toilet bowl. I sometimes had to hand-wash our clothing because we didn’t have a washer or dryer.


In the trailer, the walls were full of holes and the floor was caving in. It had a lot of rodents, bedbugs, and mice throughout the house. All the windows were covered with plastic due to them being broken out. We had problems with the outlets, only a few of them were working. We would have to unplug some things to be able to plug in heaters to warm the trailer. We all slept in one room just to keep warm, which was the living room.


The Shields/Peltier’s new CEB home features solar electric panels and a solar heater.Now our children have a room of their own and can take showers when they want. The children now have clean clothes and can get a good night’s sleep; they don’t have to worry about bedbugs and getting bitten up throughout the night, or worry about mice getting into our food. We don’t have to put up with all that anymore! We are all very thankful to EARTHinBLOCKS, Henry Red Cloud, Trees, Water & People, and all those who helped with this home we can call ours, here on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.


With blessings & a big thank you.

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