EARTHinBLOCKS® not only sells machines, but also works with individuals, church groups,  community groups and humanitarian organizations to develop training and housing programs. We offer training on understanding and engineering soil, and we call on a range of experts for designing and building homes.

Earth building is not difficult, but it takes time and practice to master the art. We will stay in touch for as long as it takes our clients to feel comfortable with their machine and the building process. We work with clients in several ways:  We ask our customers to provide feedback on our products; in turn we provide them with new optional features at discounted prices; we help clients find the right people to round out their teams to ensure that their projects succeed; and we work with under-served populations on charitable projects by providing machines and customized training packages.

For the past several years we have trained a crew of Lakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation, who have built an office and a three bedroom house. They are now fully trained to start their own housing business.


Building Communities One Block at a Time

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