Advantages of Earth Building

Although earth is the oldest building material, stabilized compressed earth block (SCEB) is part of the new wave of environmentally “green” building.  CEB reduces the energy required and the  pollution produced in the creation of bricks and cement blocks. In many areas, CEB homes can replace wooden structures that are contributing to the depletion of the world’s forests. Earth blocks are cheaper, greener and far more durable than concrete blocks or mud bricks. The stabilized blocks don’t melt in the rain so rebuilding isn’t necessary. Earth building is already familiar to many people in developing countries. It offers a construction upgrade while respecting local architectural and cultural traditions.


One major advantage of earth blocks is the thermal mass the blocks provide. This means few exchanges of heat and cold in a 24-hour time period, thus reducing heating and cooling costs.

In earthquake-prone areas, certain construction techniques can be used to make earth houses more resistant to damage.

Building with earth offers an eco-friendly solution to one of the world’s most pressing problems—the acute shortage of adequate shelter.


Building Communities One Block at a Time

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